We’re Not Just a Farm - We’re a Family

Like an aerial view of farmland or a piece of tapestry, our team is comprised of diverse cultural backgrounds and expertise. When in full operation, we employ over 100 talented and hardworking individuals.


An integral part of our team are the employees who have been joining us from the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program since 1971. Many of our employees come year after year to make significant contributions during the busy seasons.


We also employ many students who work over the summer and school breaks.  As well, we are thankful for our friends from Community Living who contribute to routine tasks on a weekly basis.


Although the demands of our daily activities are rigorous, we also value finding time for potlucks, our annual golf tournament, end-of-season BBQs and holiday parties.


Fred Meyers

President, Operations

Growing up on the family farm, Fred’s inclination for all things farming and agriculture was cultivated at a young age. Helping out was simply part of day-to-day life, and by the age of 18, after a year of attending a horticulture program at Guelph University, Fred moved back to Niagara to step into partnership with his father. This quickly led to the purchase of additional farmland for more fruit crops and vineyards, as well as a new greenhouse development that shifted production away from vegetables to concentrating more on potted flowers. Fred has been instrumental in expanding all aspects of Meyers, particularly by switching the floral business model from wholesale to partnering directly with retailers. Today, you can find Fred in the heart of the bustle, on the frontline dealing with everyday tasks, while also remaining actively involved in key decisions aimed at taking Meyers to the next level.

Elly Hoff

Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Like her brother Fred, Elly’s childhood was filled with days contributing to the farm after school and during summer holidays. She studied education at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, and taught elementary school for many years, which conveniently allowed her to continue to spend summers packing peaches with her family. As the business flourished and once her seven children were at an independent age, Elly decided to join Meyers full-time. Elly exudes the values and work ethic upon which her parents founded the business and she bring a special warmth to our environment. She is the go-to for everything from customs paperwork, delivery appointment scheduling, managing employee relations, running the peach packing line, and arranging various social events to bring the team together. Elly also spearheads our many community involvement endeavours such as organizing the weekly co-op program for our Community Living friends, donating to the local food bank and supporting Newcomers to Canada with the employment process.  Her passion is for the people that make up the Meyers team.


Aron Hoff

Vice President, Production

Aron, Elly’s son, joined the farm full-time in 2006 to lead production when there was a steep shift to providing year-round availability of potted flowers for mass-market clientele. His enthusiasm for lifelong learning first led him to obtain a teaching degree in English and Physical Education, but after spending a few years in the classroom, his fascination with the family business drew him back to the farm. Opa Jim was instrumental in showing Aron the ropes, mentoring and debating growing practices in a hands-on manner over many years. As Aron fostered his knowledge and expertise in implementing modern growing practices, they developed a mutual respect and admiration for each others’ contributions. Aron views the challenges and variety of his daily routines as rewarding, and is constantly executing innovations to improve efficiencies and product quality.

In 2017, Aron was named Head Grower of the Year by Greenhouse Grower magazine at the “Cultivate ’17” convention in Columbus, Ohio. He was also recognized with an Excellence in Leadership award for his accomplishments to which he humbly credits the entire grower team for the success Meyers has been having.

Jim Meyers

Vice President, Sales and Logistics

Jim, Fred’s son, joined the farm in 2007 to lead sales and has been instrumental in the company’s steady growth over the last decade. Jim has many memories of the family farm as it was also a vital part of his life while growing up. The most special keepsake for Jim was spending time with his Opa driving to and from the Ontario Food Terminal to sell flowers through the night past sunrise. After learning from Opa and watching his father continue to shape the family farm, it was no surprise when Jim formally joined the leadership team, following the completion of a Political Science and History degree from the University of Western Ontario.

In 2017, Jim was a recipient of Greenhouse Canada’s Top 10 Under 40 award for being a key driver in doubling sales growth over the last ten years and more importantly, for his leadership skills that foster an inclusive, humble yet dynamic work environment.

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